Booking requests

Note: Being a family-run establishment, reservations must be made with a minimum advance of two days, otherwise we may not be able to welcome you and the request will be deleted.

Note: If the request is for one person, then the room is for single use. Select one person within the form. If the request is for two people, select two people within the form, in the program it will be inserted in the additional cost section.

Note: currently the management of the calendar and the booking procedure is in the running-in phase and activation therefore inconveniences could arise, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Currently there is an error in displaying prices on the screen immediately after the search that always shows the price for one person, in the next step the correct price for two people is displayed.

How to make a reservation

  • Fill the forms
  • In the “message” field indicate your approximate arrival time and if used Paypal as a payment method, if you want specify your Paypal email where, 8 day before, will be request the down payment.
  • We check the real availability of the rooms requested and then a confirmation or rejection email will be sent.
  • The reservation is free up to 10/8 days before the arrival date. Then a deposit of approximately 20% of the booking amount will be required. If Bank Transfer is selected as the payment method of the deposit, 10 days before the arrival date it will be required to send it. If Paypal is selected 8 days before the arrival date, it will be required to send it. For requests from 2 to 7 days from the request date, the use of Paypal will be required. Payment details: Bank transfer (holder: Michele Conti; IBAN: IT 07 Y 03015 03200 000003168534); Paypal (holder: Michele Conti; email:
  • If the payment is made the reservation is confirmed and maintained, otherwise it will be canceled.
  • If you want to cancel the reservation before 10/8 days, depending on the chosen payment method, send an email with this request to: or In the 7 days prior to the arrival date, the reservation cannot be canceled and the deposit will be hold.

Note: availability may not be updated in real time, there will be a check on availability

Note: system management will lead to the creation of an email from the site whose address is “”


  • Upon arrival, customers must provide their documents (passport / identity card / driving license)
  • Pay the balance


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Cellulare : +39 320/8061901 (Cristina)
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